World Jam Anthology


World Jam is a global poetry and music collective from Nottingham, UK. Their debut anthology features poems about hope, place, identity and community, in Arabic, English, Farsi, Polish, Romanian and Ukrainian. A book made in Nottingham from bits of all corners of the world.

World Jam is proud to showcase poetry in people's first and second languages, all together in one collection.

"This book is an open door to the party, where strangers become friends and friends become family. These poems are fusion food to be shared, these words are new flavours to be tasted and these memories are recipes to pass on.
I keep going back for more."
Anne Holloway - Big White Shed

This anthology is something very special, pulling together contributions from over twenty writers working in a variety of different languages. It embodies the welcoming, collaborative spirit of the World Jam collective, and of the city of Nottingham.
The poems in this collection are hopeful, but they don't shy away from some of the more difficult aspects of modern culture. An uplifting read and thoroughly recommended."
Leanne Moden - Nottingham UNESCO City of Literature